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Katie is a Quarter - Clydesdale - Crossbreed. Her extravagant and beautiful big build is like a magnet to everyone's eyes. She gets all the looks and she knows how beautiful she is. She is not a girl, who bonds immediately, she waits and tests in a very intelligent way. But as soon as she feels that you love her, that you respect her sensitive personality and treat her loyally and understanding, she returns the same to you in an intense manner.

She loves you back with heart and soul. But her most special gift is, that she trusts you as a rider, protects you and follows your will wherever it takes her. You can feel her bonding with you and how save you are with her. During the ride she is the one, who takes care of you and most of the time of all the others in the group too. Indeed Katie is very special in every

Breed: Quarter Horse Clydesdale Cross
Sex: Mare
Age: 5

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